Skills Development Summit

The tenth annual Skills Development Summit, 25th & 26th August 2016, is shaping up to be the most innovative, and dynamic, yet.

The Skills Development Summit 2016 offers a pragmatic vision of skills development that integrates the need to develop skills, create jobs and grow the economy within a framework of inclusivity and social transformation against a background of international competition. This is the workshop in which the future will be forged.

The Summit is renowned for providing concrete answers and solutions to the skills crisis facing South Africa today. Delegates always come away with a broader view of the skills development scenario in which we find ourselves. Through your participation we can ensure the 2016 Skills Development Summit establishes an exciting new pace that will bring South Africa's skills crisis ever closer to positive resolution.

The 2016 edition of the Summit is informed by the strategic goals of the HRDC and focuses on such elements 'that significantly and positively impact on our economic performance' as educational attainment, skills development, science and innovation, and labour market/employment policies.

The programme takes into account increasing global competition and the need to reduce inequality through economic transformation. How to accelerate development so that human resource supply and demand are matched? What appropriate supply side skills strategies to deploy? What growth-promoting, job-creating demand-side skills strategies make sense?

These questions affect all stakeholders from the worker to the Presidency. It's a debate of national importance -- which is why the Skills Development Summit is an unmissable event for every serious player in the skills development space.